As one of the founding partners of Trunk, Radka Osickova provides the majority of the jewelry in the store including the delicately crocheted earrings, necklaces and pins. The jewelry is made with a delicate hand from oxidized silver and gold filled wires. Below are some questions and answers to why and how she came to bring the old fashioned technique of crochet to modern accessory design.

Where are you from?
In my previous life I was Brazilian. (I grew up in the Czech Republic)

What inspires you?
My creative friends. Talking to people from different backgrounds. Dried plants in the late autumn, spikey leaves, chestnuts on the ground.

What is your creative background?
Despite the pain and the challenge that comes with crocheting wire, the resulting shapes are well worth the effort. I was let to crochet jewelry thru my affinity with knitting and sweater development. Hence, my ten year career as a technical designer mostly working in sweaters. Some of my fondest memories are from knitting while to the wind blowing through our enormous walnut tree in the backyard of my childhood home.

In what location do you do most of your creative brainstorming?
Because I live in such a crowded, noisy city, I need to escape to the nearest open space populated with trees, grass and squirrels. That place happens to be Prospect Park where I am often visualizing my creations while running, biking and walking.

What is your favorite detail of your designs?
As with many of my designs, while I am in the middle of creating a piece, I suddenly see a inspiring new shape emerge! I enjoy putting pieces together in unexpected ways, such as in the styles with interlocking circles. In fact the very foundation of my art: metal+crochet exemplifies my desire to create unexpected harmony. I also like starting with flat shapes and finishing with pieces sewn or hammered into 3-dimensions.

What is your favorite current trend?
Jeggings!!!?? I laughed at them until I owned a pair! The best pants to ride my bike in when it gets colder (otherwise I ride in Aimee G’s skirts that I pretty much live in).

What in your wardrobe do you wish you could own ten of?
Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters. (And I actually do. More than 10-A lot-And can’t get enough of them.)

What is your favorite accessory?
My bike.

What would you say is one of your most endearing quirks?
Foreign humor(mine). Sometimes I am the only one who understands my jokes.

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TRUNK is a lifestyle boutique set within a welcoming industrial space, frequented by women looking for much more than the latest fashion craze. The three independent designer-owners of TRUNK, Aimee G, Samoy Lenko and Radka Design are proud to create, design and manufacture their work in New York. TRUNK provides a stimulating platform for their creations, as well as for the works of invited local designers and artists. Collections featured at TRUNK include distinctive women’s wear, jewelry, accessories, art and furniture, all locally designed and manufactured, making a bold creative statement that “style can be created and found locally.”