Save the Date! Photo exhibit: FACE by Tim KNox

TRUNK presents

TIM KNOX’s International Portrait Photographs

May 11-June 30th

During Dumbo’s Photo Festival

Opening reception

Thursday, May 12th



68 Jay Street


drinks will be served

Tim originally started out studying “the (negative) space between type”. His mentor Eric Lockrane told him that photography is one of two things, either a golden conduit or a culdesac. Because of this comment, Tim used photography as a mechanism to explore life and external representations of feelings, thru colour, form, light, texture and of course negative space.

“In every-thing there is a sense of poetry waiting and it is always found inside”

In ’95 Tim came to NYC from the UK and now shoots for The London Times, The Guardian, The New York Times, Liquid Magazine, FHM, Blue Note Records, Atlantic Records, Verve Records, Comcast and various other magazines and design firms. He has shot various famous faces including Jeff Koons Julian Schnabel and Paul Dano.

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