Meet The Maker: Lilian Asterfield

Nicole Deponte had no idea what she was getting into when she stumbled upon two trash bags full of neckties... Inspired by her Grandmother's repurposing of silk neckties into ornately embroidered pillows. Deponte began designing a collection of accessories. Our name is very special, originally the pet name for Deponte's Mom when she was a little girl, it was lovingly passed down and has been a representation of the independent creative spirit ever since.

Handmade in Boston MA, Lilian Asterfield's designs feature vintage materials transformed into uniquely clever accessories for eco savvy dressers. Eye-catching color combinations and juxtaposed prints make each piece a wearable work of art and totally one of a kind. The signature collection of hand stitched necktie scarves, the first of it's kind, continue to be our most popular pieces. The Hunter Velvet collection, Lilian Asterfield little sister and a new addition to the line in 2010, is a medley of repurposed vintage scarves that offer soft feminine accents for Spring/Summer seasons.

With the help of Nicole Deponte's B.F.A. in sculpture from Massechusettes Collage of Art & Design and 15 years of sales, design, merchandising and managing experience, Deponte's Lilian Asterfield label is redefining the world's perception of the necktie, offering innovative alternatives for both men and women. Her designs have found their way into the hearts of MTV's Switch Blog, ABC LA's Must Haves, Living Green, Coolhunting and Nylon Daily Boston Edition to name a few. Lilian Asterfield is currently available on line and nationally in high-end boutiques.

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