BKLYN designs: Wall Art by LAMACEK

By combining “organic” with modernism, Lamacek hopes to add an element of warmth and handmade quality to the sleek classic lines associated with contemporary modernity.  Lamacek is composed of Connie Lam and Michael Sedlacek designing and producing out of a studio in Williamsburg.  Their materials include sustainable textiles such as EcoFelt (made of 100% recycled water bottles and produced in the USA). Each of their creations are uniquely designed by the

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TRUNK is a lifestyle boutique set within a welcoming industrial space, frequented by women looking for much more than the latest fashion craze. The three independent designer-owners of TRUNK, Aimee G, Samoy Lenko and Radka Design are proud to create, design and manufacture their work in New York. TRUNK provides a stimulating platform for their creations, as well as for the works of invited local designers and artists. Collections featured at TRUNK include distinctive women’s wear, jewelry, accessories, art and furniture, all locally designed and manufactured, making a bold creative statement that “style can be created and found locally.”