New Exhibit: LAND Art Gallery

TRUNK is happy to collaborate with LAND art gallery and artists Michael Pellew, Dean Millien, Kenya Hanley and Joyce Frizell for an exhibition of their charismatic work. 

Michael Pellew’s unique and affable drawings and sculptures are pop-obsessed ruminations full of humor and simplicity.  Michael’s playful line quality and imaginative cultural observations are at once simple and amazingly succinct.  With one pass of his hand he can depict joy, humor and clever character.  His subject matter consists of NYC trains and buses, Fashion Design “punk funk freaks from the East Village and around the Tri-State area,” and Pop Portraits of favorite singers and performers.  His characters and buses encapsulate a direct sense of style and spontaneity that make him a favorite for collectors. Michael is part of The LEAGUE EDUCATION & TREATMENT CENTER’S LAND Art Gallery

Dean Millien has been making aluminum foil and sponge sculptures since he was a child. His career as a sculptor began in response to economic disadvantages he experienced as a child. Faced with a shortage of the usual toys and games that are essential to childhood development, Dean began molding a world of his own from tin foil. These “tin things” have evolved to become highly detailed miniatures of an enormous variety of animals and insects. Dean’s work has a wide following and can be found in such prominent collections as Citibank, JCREW and PAPER magazine.

Kenya Hanley While Kenya’s work is playful in its subject matter and technique, this playfulness belies an underlying fervor for the formal perfection of the grid. Upon the fundamental matrix that structures each of his paintings and drawings, Kenya is able realize surprisingly convincing volumes with the utmost economy of line. His preoccupation with a rigorously coordinated framework of foods and desserts is an ongoing dance of playful rendering with a strict, personal set of visual rules. Kenya’s work has been the subject of an exhibition at the flagship J Crew store on Madison Avenue, and the work has since become part of J Crew’s corporate collection. Kenya’s work also figures prominently in the collection of The Museum of Everything in London as well many private collections throughout the United States. 

Joyce Frizell’s mesmerizing drawings and paintings of owls are at once beautiful and haunting. Joyce’s choice of materials makes for a remarkable contrast to her preferred technique: She prefers to use an tremendous range of tools, but her elaborate images are built up slowly from an extremely restricted range of gestures. Joyce’s enthusiasm for a consistent, repetitive rhythm of marks is matched by an obsession with color. Each owl she creates is composed of the most carefully considered palette. It’s this dual affection for color and energetic line that is the wellspring of her daily artistic practice.

LAND Gallery is a unique, nonprofit day habilitation program for adult artists with neurological diversities.  Located in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, LAND (League Artist Natural Design) was founded in 2005 by CEO Hannah Achtenberg Kinn.  The LAND program is designed to nurture the talents of participating artists, while integrating individuals into the community as professional artists.

*A percentage of the sales goes directly to the artist.  

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