Autumn / Flat Light Through an Open Door

TRUNK is proud to host Idea Salon for a special exhibit during Dumbo's 1st Thursday Gallery Walk. Autumn / Flat Light Through an Open Door

Opening Reception: October 2nd, 6-9 PM

The associations to the iconic 68 Jay Street building, erected in 1915 as a tea factory, make reference to the coming autumn season with tea-infused hues of earth and light, where the elements of the Idea Salon merge through the art and performances hosted at Trunk. The Artists in the Idea Salon Project are free to conjure places connected to tea through politics, travel and production. The connection of tea to the sacred moments of being in the now will be explored though a multimedia exhibit.

Participating Artists: Cecilia Biagini, Michele Brody, Barbara Campisi, Boo Boo Cousins, Adriana Farmiga, Amy Finkbeiner, Sara Galasini & Yukio Tsuji, Ellon Gibbs, Ron Jean-Gilles, Marie Christine Katz, Michelle Marchesseault, David Mykytyn & Paige Laino, Julia Shirar, and Judy Thomas.

About Idea Salon
Idea Salon (Cornelius + Leslie Lund + Mike James + Elise Gardella) was born at Apt 141, the 20-year-old boutique at 141 East 13th Street in the city. From its earliest days Apartment 141 was a neighborhood-gathering place. This year that sense of community and shared creativity evolved into Idea Salon—an assembly of idealists, curators, artists, chefs, and musicians. This band of synchronicitous interactors does not distinguish between art and life. Finding directions by questioning the conventional curatorial methodology, Idea Salon works with both the upright artists and the ready-and-next creatives. Re-fashioning space by intermingling audience, unlikely place, and human presence; the result of this happy accident is—interactionism.


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