Designer Highlight: Marjorie Victor Jewelry

Merging unfamiliar terrain with new perspectives

Marjorie Victor is the designer behind the namesake jewelry line.  Her delicate hand-hammered pieces strike a perfect balance between organic nature of the shapes and strength of the metals she uses. 

Trunk: Where are you from?
Marjorie Victor: I was born in NYC.

Trunk: What inspires you?
MV: Creative people who stay positive even while taking risks, follow their dreams and make beautiful things.

Trunk: What is your creative background?
MV:  I have a background in painting and sculpture, but for the past 12 years I have primarily been creating jewelry.

Trunk: How did you come to work with jewelry?
MV: I had my first jewelry business in elementary school selling beadwork to friends and family but when I picked up a metal-smithing torch in high school I knew I had found my calling.

Trunk: What music, if any, do you put on when you are creating?
MV: I listen to more podcasts and NPR than music while I’m in the studio.  Since I spend many hours at a time working by myself, they help me feel more connected to the outside world.

Trunk: What materials do you use and where do they come from?
MV: I use sterling silver, gold-filled and karat gold.  Recently I have also started experimenting with ethically sourced diamonds.  Whenever possible I use recycled metals and always buy my raw materials from reputable suppliers in the USA.  

Trunk: How do you come up with your designs? 
MV: Art, architecture and street fashion are frequently used as visual springboards for my designs.  As I begin to work on an idea, I let the metal help guide my experimentation with shapes.  Then I tweak and adjust each piece until I find the right balance of intricacy and simplicity.  
Trunk: How has your travel experience influenced your jewelry designs? 
MV:  When traveling, I become acutely aware of my surroundings and focus on the visual details of my new environment.  Seeing different styles, eating new foods, and exploring unfamiliar terrain provide a fresh perspective that helps fuel new ideas.  

Trunk: It seems like some of your influences come from nature and New York City, how do you get these two to coexist?
MV: There is a constant push and pull from nature and the constructed environment here. Ivy creeping up bridges, expansive parks framed by soaring architecture, and the skyline’s twinkling reflection in the rivers are just a few examples of the many juxtapositions that I find interesting.  Nature and the urban landscape have achieved such a unique balance in New York City that it’s easy to be inspired by both simultaneously.

Stop by TRUNK to see Marjorie Victor's entire collection. 68 Jay Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

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