Photo collages by Faune Yerby!

Brooklyn-based artist, Faune Yerby, creates wonderful collages with images from New York.

Each piece speaks of Beauty, Nature and Science. The smallest things in Nature are given the same weight as those normally regarded as the most important. The work has all to do with the connections and coexistence of different places .

The work is designed to be read at different distances, as the meaning follows on different levels. From a distance, they may appear to be stain glass windows. Washes of color and geometric forms. Mosaics.

The grid suspends dichotomies in tension. A sequential story all-at-once.

As one approaches, a different work appears. Images set like jewels. Stories reveal themselves from the interplay between images, meeting for the first time. The vertical and horizontal strips of images live like little films or plays.

Using nineteenth-century photography techniques, and modern chemicals, I try to evoke the beauty of nature and a bygone time. All photographs are original prints, which have been toned and hand colored.

Prices range from $38.00 - $200.00

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