New Guest Designer - naturevsfuture

The birth of 'naturevsfuture®' was in the spring of 2002 by Brooklyn born Nina Valenti. Launched 6 years after graduating Parsons & designing streetwear, Valenti needed to create her own line that would expose her unique aesthetic. The name was inspired by the designer's belief that there is a constant struggle between nature and future, a pressure between organic forces and technological ones. "The more we advance the more we need to consider nature before we deplete it. In this tension to find balance is the living energy of the collection and hence the name." says Valenti.

Designed with an eco-conscious approach, 'naturevsfuture®' acknowledges the increased environmental concerns & the need to preserve & respect the earth while advancing. Valenti chooses to incorporate mainly organic, sustainable, renewable, biodegradable & recycled materials in the collection each season. Mixing such fabrics like organic cotton, organic wool, hemp, soy, bamboo, seacell® (seaweed), lyocell (wood pulp), Ingeo™ (created from plant sugars such as corn), along with recycled & technological fabrics such as Polartec® (made from soda pop bottles & industry waste) she creates pieces that have a futuristic edge yet are inherently classic.

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